Know Thyself

If (hu)man is the measure of all things, what is the measure of human?


Welcome to the Meta-Self Lab!

The lab is led by Prof., Dr., Hu Chuan-Peng at the School of Psychology, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China. We are interested in how human beings process self-related information, with a “3M” approach: meta-science, (cognitive) modeling, and (psychological) measurement. We are also trying to apply the “3M” approach to the mental health issues in the real world.

Openness, transparency, and reproducibility are core values in our research. We keep learning new methods and and adopting new practices to make our research as rigorous and robust as possible.

Equality is another core value of our lab. We are dedicated to fostering a culture where everyone involved is respected and every idea is valued.

Research Fields


the use of scientific methodology to study science itself


A knowledge representation that contains knowledge about us


a mathematical model that embodies a set of statistical assumptions concerning the generation of sample data




Lei Yue
Siqi Duan
Eiko I. Fried
Kenneth SL Yuen
Ruyuan Zhang
Lei Zhang
Haiyang Geng
Xiaokang Lv
Yuanyuan An
Yu Liu
Yufeng Zang
Patrick S. Forscher
Xinian Zuo
Xiangzhen Kong
Eric-Jan Wagenmakers
Hans Rocha IJzerman
Simon B. Eickhoff
Xin Di


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